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Important use of curve separators

Time: 2020-01-09 14:27:41

Important use of curve separators

I believe many people know the curve splitter, but the main use of the specific curve splitter may only know one. In fact, there are many uses of the curve splitter, and these functions bring a lot of convenience to our manufacturers. The curve splitter uses a window color display. At the time of operation, there are both a description of the text and an indication of the picture, so it is very convenient to operate. In the inside of the curve sorter, there is a video capture card and the like, which is easy to operate. The current curve sorting machine can be manually clicked or operated by the mouse. On the main screen of the curve separator, the status of the cut and the wrong operation prompt are displayed. The parameters of the curve separator can be locked with a password to avoid resetting troubles and operating errors. So what are the basic functions of the curve splitter? Here is a brief introduction for everyone:

1. The main movement mode of the curve splitter is space trajectory movement, spatial linear motion and circular motion, and various complex trajectory movements.

2. The parameters can be entered. Make the later operations automatic and convenient.

3. When setting parameters, you can effectively set the medium speed, acceleration, etc., all of which can be operated flexibly.

4. Multiple sets of process parameters can be saved indefinitely.

5. Custom interface

Multiple I/O ports can be programmed at will.

6. In the process of operation, whether it is single-step operation or automatic machining mode can be set, click.

7. Teaching programming

The processing file is generated by means of teaching points, and single-step debugging is possible.


There are still a lot of specific functions. You are welcome to come to Suzhou Kaistek Automation Co., Ltd.

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