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What is the role of laser marking machines in the food industry?

Time: 2019-06-11 21:23:40

Food safety issues have received more and more attention in recent years, and have once become a topic of discussion among the public. Under such circumstances, a move to maintain food safety has burned eyebrows. An industry source said: "Whether it is printed or sprayed Code, as long as the use of ink, can be applied. Printing time information, can be adjusted within three years."

    As for the problem of the shelf life of smeared foods, from big companies to small traders, most of them know well. As long as consumers are kept in the dark by the "hidden rules", the food that has expired or expired will be treated a little, and it will be put on the market after a new look. Infringe on the rights of consumers

    So how do you stop the date of production on the food packaging from the source?

    The laser marking machine can mark the product data itself with a very thin beam, the printing precision is extremely high, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is remarkable. The laser coding technology can be useful to avoid product identification impersonation, which can make the product look higher and improve the product brand. The popularity of the company; it has strong market competitiveness, environmental protection and safety, without any corrosive and chemical pollution. It is also a kind of maintenance for the operators. More importantly, in the long run, it does not require consumables, compared with the ink production. Laser marking production costs are lower.

    Laser marking machine can satisfy the needs of various production lines, and is suitable for online marking of paper, plastic, non-metal materials, and spray metal packaging materials.

    At present, laser technology is constantly improving, constantly innovating, and constantly innovating, and strives to provide more solutions for the use of technology in the industry. Undoubtedly, the technology of laser marking machine has been widely used in all walks of life, and has been deeply involved in you. Every aspect of my life.

    Equipment features

    1, for PCB board bar code / two-dimensional code marking, text characters and other marking.

    2, can be equipped with high-performance CO2 laser, fiber laser or ultraviolet laser, power and pulse width adjustable.

    3, high-precision imported CCD to complete the active positioning, reading, abnormal, then stop working and alarm.

    4, cooperation with different products, can complete the active focus adjustment and active conditioning track width, cut the line change time.

    5, can be connected to the customer MES system for data transmission and communication.

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